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i'm a cop

i don't have a backstory

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Name:MAKO, king of resting bitch face
Birthdate:Sep 24

ha ha fuck you

(played by [personal profile] grazie for both [community profile] aather and [community profile] tushanshu)

AS A NOTE: I MAKE MOST OF MY ICONS. IF THERE IS NO CREDIT, I MADE IT. While credit would be nice, I honestly do not care if you gank them as long as you don't claim my shitty cropping and saturation jobs as your own. H O W E V E R, there are icons that DO have a credit to them! I ask that you DO NOT STEAL THOSE. I have over 150++ icons uploaded, of which those constitute a tiny percentage. Please just take my shitty crop and saturation jobs before you grab those particular icons. Thanks!
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